Our Little Chicken is Back

6 years ago the Chicken Clutch was introduced to the shop and it quickly became a customer favorite. A few people have asked if I would bring it back, so for a limited time you can find the chicken clutch back in the shop. 

The chicken clutch looks best when she is filled with your treasures, keeping her nice and plump.

After 6 years, we have made a few upgrades. The yarn itself has changed to a softer yarn, while also giving some yarn with great texture. Also we have included a magnetic closure vs. the button giving it an easier way to hold on your personal items secure.

So now the question is...what color will your little Cluck Cluck Clutch be?

Check back later this week, my 3 year old nephew wants a chicken clutch. I have a  few ideas, just need to see how they work up.

Well, Hello There!

WOW! It sure has been a while since I visited this little space. Running this little business while having a 7 year old and a baby has been a tough balance.
I think I am finally starting to get my feet under me to add the blog back into the mix.
So I thought I would share one of the most recent pieces I have designed.











This little Frida is perfect to go with your favorite clutch in the shop or even add one to your favorite bag. She is also cute paired with a Pom Pom either as her body or behind her.
I adored her so much and love the example that Frida has set for girls/women everywhere. So I wanted a way that my daughter could use her. She's to small to wear a necklace, so I made her into a pacifier clip.

Marlee has been a huge fan of her pacifier clip, so much so I am thinking of other amazing women to add to the shop. I did receive a special order for a Frida lovey and a small Frida worry doll for a Nena & Co. purse.
What famous women in history would you like to see added into the shop?

Also, customs and loveys are available until June 1. So go check out the shop and contact me if you would like to set up a custom.
I promise to visit this little space more regularly.

Stay tuned for lots of new items and some fun things to come.
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Life Kind of Happened

This little space of mine has been sadly neglected. Fall/Winter 2016-2017 became my busiest year yet as a maker.
From selling in two shops, online orders and finding out we were expecting a little one...the blog took a backseat.

I'm bound and determined to get back in the groove as I have so many new things to share with you.
The turn around time in the shop will change for a short time as mid-July is when we are expecting Miss Marlee to make her appearance, I will share more on this soon.
The shop will be gradually filled with a few new items and several may go away.

You can find several RTS items in the shop or head into DNA Galleries in the Plaza District to get your Oikos Handmade fix.

Stay tuned for some fun items...or to get some sneak peeks head on over and follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Finely and Bub Fall Line

When you find another small shop to work with on a photo shoot, you say YES!!
I always am looking for ways to have my little/young girls items photographed so when Natalie (with Finley and Bub) was looking for a few items for a photo shoot I jumped at the opportunity that maybe my items might work with her esthetic.
(We have one son and I am an Aunt to 4 boys...no girls in sight thus far.)
Sure enough, her fall line fit right right in line with my style.
Finley and Bub with Oikos Handmade mini Crossboyd Fringe
How sweet is this little dress paired with the mini cross-body fringe purse with a fun pom pom?  I love everything from the color of the dress to the simple vintage embellishment around the neck.
I wanted to add a little whimsical feel to the purse so there are tiny little bells in the pom pom. They aren't loud, so they won't disrupt things but it is kind of as if you're calling your fairy friends to come out and play. When Finley said she loved the Jingle Bell Purse, I knew she had to keep it. Now I want a Jingle Bell purse too. ;)

Granny Squares have always been a favorite of mine!
I have loved making a beautiful piece you would find in your Grandma's home and make it into a beautiful fun modern accessory.
When Natalie sent a picture of the colors and style she was doing for her fall line, I knew a Granny Square Cowl would make a beautiful accessory to her amazing creations.
Finley and Bub Granny Square

The Rust Hi-Lo Hem Split Dress, is just so beautiful! I love everything from the color to the fit and the super cute knit ringer pullover sweater.
The Granny Square cowl fit perfectly with this dress. It brought it some fun fall colors that bring across the vintage feel that Natalie brought to her entire fall line-up.
From the colors, textures and styles, Natalie has you covered.
I keep telling her I need the Horse pants in my size and the dress from the first picture.

Oikos Handmade Purse/Cowl
Thank you Natalie for letting me be part of your fall line launch. I'm excited to see what else you have in-store!

Pattern Designing…Is it for me?

My favorite time of day to crochet is late at night.
I find comfort in knowing my husband and son are in the house and all worries seem to flee my mind for a while.
As soon as I sit down to binge watch my favorite show with my yarn and hook in hand, the creativity seems to flow.
I have come up with several patterns that I have written. They sit in a book in the craft room and I fall back on them if the occasional step seems to flee my mind.
After designing the Graph Beanie Pattern, I had several people reach out to me about selling the pattern. It was something I wanted to do but honestly didn't know where to start. I finally got the nerve up to sell the pattern and sold a few here and there. After a few weeks  Liz, over at Playin' Hooky Designs, reached out and helped me with the pattern. We talked and worked together to create an amazing pattern.
I had admired Liz and her work for a while, so to be able to co-author a pattern with her was such an honor. The Graph Beanie has been a great piece to build on and has been a huge hit. Oikos Handmade Graph Beanie
It wasn't until I worked with Liz that the pattern took off. Speed up to a while later and I designed several other items and released a few as patterns. They have NOT been met with the same excitement as the Graph Beanie has.
Braided Infinity Scarf pattern

Last year I released the Braided Infinity Scarf as a finished piece into the shop. Customers loved it and it became a best seller for me last fall/winter. After several request I decided to release the pattern this past week. 
It is one of the pieces I am most proud of and to see it not do as well has left me with some disappointment.
I know if I were to find a person to help and co-author with me it would probably do better, most of my patterns honestly would because something about this designing stuff...its who you know. It is VERY cliquey and I've found it hard to break through.
I received a message yesterday that made me doubt myself and the designing world.
A designer reached out to me to let me know she would be releasing a pattern that was similar to mine. I questioned her a bit and she came back with "It does happen. More frequently than you'd think".
I was hurt, frustrated that such a large designer would make it seem like it wasn't big deal. I'm sure there are little differences here and there but she will receive more exposure because of her shop size.
I've purchased several of her patterns, supported her work only to be met with "It happens".
(Apparently this isn't uncommon for her upon further investigation.)
There were other ways in which it could have been approached, I was so taken back that I didn't know what to say...so after questioning her I just let it go. I'm the small hook in the crochet world...and I'm okay with that.
I just wanted a little respect, a little support.

And I found it!
Not in the way that I may have wanted at first but I found the support I needed.
My TRIBE, my tribe always pulls thru with love, encouragement and support.
I had several crochet friends share my pattern and they have been the ladies that have been my cheerleaders on this journey.
Self confidence can be hard for me in such a large handmade community.
Do I measure up to (fill in the blank)?
I do this little business so I can stay home with our son. So when the school calls and he needs a breathing treatment I can go do that.
I do this for all the prescriptions we have to buy each month.
I love creating, I love the way making something with my hands makes me feel and the pride I have in what comes from a piece of wood and skein of yarn.

I let it go...I let the situation go and I will support the designers that support the small ones.
I will create even if things don't sell like I think they should.
I will continue to be Kimberly the face, hands and heart behind Oikos Handmade.
This shop started because of our little boy...and I will continue to run my little shop with heart and integrity, just the way it started.

Thank you for your love and support,
I couldn't do this little dream without you.

Cohen’s Story

Our journey to become parents wasn’t as easy as most people. Craig and I tried for 4 years and with the help of a fertility specialist we finally became pregnant January 2, 2010, we didn’t find out until January 16, 2010. Our lives changed that day for the better. We were so excited to finally tell our families and a select few that we were pregnant. The doctor advised us to wait until the first trimester was over. Our due date was set for September 25, 2010.

Once we told everybody we were expecting things seemed to fly by. On April 23, 2010 we had an u/s, my parents and sister got to be there to see our little baby for the first time (for them). We were told that they were almost positive it was a girl. So I compared pictures with Katie and sure enough it looked like we were having a girl. Her name Emmerson Lorene.

Well time came for our 4D ultrasound and we were informed that it was not a girl, we would be having a boy. The emotions were high that day, we had gone from talking to this baby girl, who in fact was a boy. So we left the appointment with my parents and grandpa in the car. We now had to come up with a name for this little boy we were going to be having. The middle names were easy Lorene was for my mom and Alan would be for my dad. So I told Craig “Cohen Alan”, he agreed and within a few minutes I went from carrying Emmerson Lorene to carrying Cohen Alan.

I went to the doctor whom I love and adore and told her. She couldn’t believe it. So I requested another u/s just so we could be sure. So we scheduled the u/s and everything was going just as a perfect pregnancy should. August 2, 2010 my Grandma picked me up from work to go to our u/s. I never went to an appointment by myself for fear something might happen. As we are sitting waiting for my appointment we just were shooting the breeze in the waiting room. Amber told us we were indeed having a boy but to sit tight the doctor would come in. I looked at Granny and told her I shouldn’t have to see a doctor. As we waited a high risk doctor and Dr. Nightingale came in to tell me that something was wrong. Our little boy would be here sooner than we thought. Cohen had IUGR: Intrauterine growth restriction refers to the poor growth of a baby while in the mother’s womb during pregnancy. Specifically, it means the developing baby weights less than 90% of other babies at the same gestational age. Cohen was only weighing in at 2lbs 10oz at the time. The doctors informed me we would be having Cohen by Wednesday unless things started to improve.

I can remember everything so vividly… I asked if I could go home and get my things together (I had 8 weeks left so no bags were packed) to which they replied “no you need to be monitored”. So they brought in the wheelchair as I called my dad. I informed him he needed to be the one to call mom, Craig and then go pick Craig up because he had ridden with James to work. So I remained calm surprisingly well while talking to my dad. I think I was in utter shock that this was happening this way. So they wheeled us to labor and delivery area as I waited for Craig, mom and dad to get there. After 3 hours of poking and 8 sticks later we finally got an IV started. There were several times when the nurses would rush in and try to find the heartbeat….I would have to get in all kinds of positions to see if we could find him. Craig got there and we thought things were going good so dad and Papa were going to take Craig to get our car (it was left at work). Mom, Granny and my sister Tommie were there to hold my hand so we knew things were under control. I had a doctor come in to tell me that at shift change the new doctor was not going to put up with Cohen’s heart rate going so low. So at around 5:30 we heard them page my doctor. We called Craig and dad and told them to get back as soon as possible. All I can remember thinking is…. I can’t lose this precious gift. Dr. Nightingale got to the hospital and came to tell me I would indeed be having Cohen. I have never been so scared in my life. She kept telling me that we were going to be okay. She held my hand and while sitting in the operating room being prepped waiting on Craig to come in she was my very best friend. She let me know that we were going to get through this together. I kept asking her how Cohen was going to be and she kept reassuring me that it was going to be okay. I looked in her eyes and believed everything she said to me. Whether at the time she knew we would be okay, or not she made me calm. She believed that God had us in his hands….and she couldn’t have been more right. As Lydia (yes we are on a first name basis now) cut and gave me a play by play I remember this scream….a cat like scream. My son was here all 2lbs and 7oz he was here. I told Craig to go check on him and he came back for a moment to say “he looks just like me”. Craig was so proud and in that moment so calm. As they whisked Cohen off and the proud new daddy I laid their….left wondering, worrying, questioning the care my son would be given. I knew nothing about Cohen…other than he looked like Craig.

While in recovery I was told Cohen was doing well….it would be about 24 hours before I could see him. The month of August was full of ups and downs….the biggest up for us happened August 30, we brought our 3lb 14oz little boy home. Our family was now complete. We have had several ups and downs and they will continue, it is part of life. After all most things are JUST A PREEMIE THING. Follow us along our journey of parenthood and enjoy the ride with us.

Cohen is currently 6 months old/4 months adjusted and weighs in at …….