Mesa Dreams Crossbody Fringe Purse

In the big world of handmade it is always nice to develop a friendship with other makers. I have been following Mesa Dreams Leather for a while and just fell in love with the leather working duo, Brandy and Djerek.
Brandy started following my shop on IG and I became very flattered that she took interest in my little shop. After a few months we decided to do a trade and began working out the details.
Brandy had mentioned she loved the Crossbody Fringe Purse and the Grammy Triangle Purse and wondered if I could work them up together. Not knowing if I really could or not, I told her "OF COURSE I CAN!".
Thankfully she was patient and my little engine trucked thru and every minute obsessing over the placement and how to make things work suddenly clicked.
Mesa Dreams Crossbody Purse
The colors worked beautifully together and coordinated with her logo as well giving a little meaning to the colors.

Mesa Dreams Crossbody Fringe Purse Details

The purse was lined with a beautiful mustard fabric and a zipper closure was added to ensure everything was kept safe and sound. There is no wrong side on this purse so that everything looks beautifully done from every angle.
There is no strap added, as Brandy is going to hand tool a leather strap giving this purse that added luxury and another element to this stunning piece.
(If you do order this purse it will come with the same strap as the Crossbody Fringe Purse.)

I can't wait to see the final collaboration come together. I have a wrist strap she made me and as soon as I get the clutch done I will share more.

If you are on Instagram go follow both shops...or find us both on Facebook.
You never know where new friendships will push you...and you never know what amazing things will come from them, stay tuned!


2016 The Year of Shopping Small/Handmade – February

This year I have decided each month I will purchase from another small/handmade business to show them support and to share their amazing business with you.

I found Jennifer via her personal Instagram a while back...probably over a year or two ago. I loved her style and can honestly say, I'm not sure how I found her account but I was glad I did.
A few months ago I found the Instagram account Shout Happy thru Keri Giordano and loved the beautiful woven necklaces. After following for a month or so I realized that Jennifer was the talented lady behind these beautiful pieces.
Once I found this out I knew what I wanted my February purchase to be. I have followed this talented lady for a while and I wanted to support her work.
Shout Happy Woven Necklaces
Aren't they a beautiful statement piece? Here is a little about Jennifer and her shop, Shout Happy.

an accidental beginning 30 years in the making

A little over 7 years ago, I had another small business, creating knitted and hand stitched items, did craft shows, met some lifelong friends and then, allowed life to get in the way for a while. Focused on my design career, my marriage and my family, all the while knowing in my heart I had not let this dream go. 

In 2012, I got the chance to start this crazy journey, though it came in a drastic, life changing way… like so many of us these days, I was laid off from my job after a particularly challenging year. Fast forward through another wild year of the highest highs and lowest lows. We began to get back on our feet, I came up with the name in 2013, experimented with a few products for the shop but nothing seemed quite right. Then, I took up weaving in January of last year. Immediately, it blended my love of needlecrafts, working with my hands and even painting. It was the creative outlet I had been looking for and proceeded to fall head over heels in love with. It began with weavings for myself or as gifts for friends and family. Somewhere around last Summer, all the pieces came together. With the help of supportive friends and family, especially my incredibly encouraging husband, Shout Happy opened and it’s been a slow and steady pace ever since. I’ve discovered a true passion in my life and that is irreplaceable. 

Most of my inspiration comes from daily life. We took a trip to the mountains last Fall and that influenced a whole series of weavings once we returned home. I have always loved the way colors work together, so a lot of my pieces begin that way… a new favorite color combination and the spark of an idea.

My parents were both creative and worked with their hands. They are my larger inspiration, the original spark. Some of my favorite items in our home were made by one or both of them. Unfortunately, my dad passed away at a really young age. That proved to shape most of my life, putting things in perspective early on and changing the way I see people, life, connections. My mom and grandma raised -- and fiercely loved -- my brother and me, which showed us over and over again what being strong really was. It also made anything my dad created, touched or loved that much more invaluable. To know that I might be leaving a small mark out in the world, leaving something behind for my daughter and becoming a part of history, if only my family’s history, is quite an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and smallness.

Connections and storytelling are the best parts of running this business. My story -- and all those of handcrafters who came before me -- is woven into each piece. From there, someone gets to place their story and their life into it. There’s not much better or more special than that."

I loved her last paragraph and it gives me even more reason to shop and support this amazing shop owner.
Shout Happy Woven NecklaceI loved how these necklaces paired great with my BASK kimono (January's shop small purchase).
I purchased the grey and blue with royal blue fringe also because I felt like it was great to show my Thunder pride. ;)

Go visit Jennifer's shop, follow her on IG and FB and support this amazing wife, momma, small business owner.


2016 The Year Of Shopping Small/Handmade -January

This year I have decided each month I will purchase from another small/handmade business to show them support and to share their amazing business with you.

I'm a little behind on posting about January's purchase...but it is well worth the wait, I promise!

I have been following BASK for several years now and have loved everything Kayleigh has made. I would just sit and watch her beautiful pieces fill my feed and think "Oh I need to buy that". I never followed thru until last month when I decided to finally pull the trigger and the Kiera kimono became mine, now I'm slightly addicted and want more!

Bask Designs/Oikos Handmade
I asked Kayleigh for a little biography on herself and business, BASK. Here is what she had to say:
"I live in North Idaho with my two little ladies and my husband. I started BASK with just jewelry and I had NEVER sewn in my life. I have always loved creating but something about sewing seemed to daunting. My grandma got me a sewing machine and it sat on my dining room table for over a month. Finally one day I decided to try and make a kimono. It wasn't great but I was happy with wearing it. I threw it on FB and got a huge response. Now I am here, which is INSANE. I feel like the luckiest person alive honestly. I love searching for the perfect fabric or the perfect pieces to add to my jewelry. I just LOVE that I get to do this."

The Kiera is a beautiful piece and perfect for any season. Dress it up or throw it over your favorite t-shirt, either way your friends will go buy one after they see yours, just ask my friend Katie. ;)
Here are a few that I have my eye on...and you should too.

BASK Hand-dyed Kimono                BASK BURN Kimono

These two kimonos are two of my favorites and are at the top of my list for my next purchase. Kayleigh hand dyed these pieces making each one unique and one of a kind. Pandora and Burn are sure to be at the top of your wish list too.

Kayleigh's pieces beat any boutique's mass produced kimonos. From florals and lace to hand dyed and animal print, BASK is sure to have something you can't live without. The love that goes into each one from picking out the fabric to sewing them up is evident when you open your package. You're supporting a wife, mother, and a maker that is creating pieces that you are sure to feel beautiful in.

So follow her on Facebook, Instagram or just go shop.

If you have checked out her shop, which kimono is your favorite?

February's purchase has been made and worn already...stay tuned for another fun shop.


A Fun Little Sale – It’s Hat Week

Watch Instagram and Facebook to find out which hat is on sale each day this week.
The sale will last for 24 hours only and the coupon code will change daily.

Weaving Thru Wonderland Hat by Oikos Handmade
First up is the Weaving Thru Wonderland Hat. It has been the best seller for the past two years and can come with a pom pom or without.
Stay tuned to see which hat will be up next. I will do several unisex options and child options as won't want to miss it.

Enter Coupon Code: Weaving25  to receive 25% off your purchase of a Weaving Thru Wonderland Hat. 

This is a great time to grab a Valentine's Day present for the one you love.


A Man and His Cowl

Recently I asked a friend of mine "Hey, if I make you something would you rather R2D2 or Darth Vader?"
My friend responded with "depends on what it is".
A guy chimed in "probably a cowl" as he snickered.

You'll have to stay tuned to the Star Wars item coming soon but no, it wasn't a cowl.
HOWEVER...I did make one for my daddy and I must admit, he looks very handsome in it.

Doc wearing Oikos Handmade
I know there are many men who this might not be their style.
It takes a rather manly and dapper fella to pull of something that most might consider "girly". I however find this piece to be the PERFECT unisex piece. It is double layered so is very soft and warm.
It has been tested in Chicago and I do believe Manuel was a fan of his that his wife bought him last year.

This was my daddy's gift for Christmas. When he received it, it was only half done and he handed it back to me knowing that even if it takes an extra week or so it would be worth the wait.

Doc In Oikos Handmade hat/cowl
This hat has become my favorite hat to make. The color options are endless and I wanted something that matched but wasn't solid navy. The hat pattern is done by my friend Liz over at Playin' Hooky Designs, it is the avalanche beanie.
My dad wears a pair of burgundy pants that I really like on him so I took inspiration from those pants and the sweater he wears with them. This hat is a very warm hat and is perfect for those cold winter nights when he is helping with food boxes at church.

The Not Your Guy's Cowl would make an excellent Valentine's Day gift. 

Thank you daddy for not batting an eye when I give you half made gifts and for being patient while I create special pieces for you. Thank you for encouraging my dream day in and day out and always wearing what I make you.
I love you!

Granny Square Apron

My friend Shelley had seen this granny square apron and asked me to make her one. She picked these beautiful colors out, shades of pink with an aqua blue. It turned out more beautiful than I imagined. If you crochet head on over to the Tangled Happy blog for the pattern. I am looking forward to making more in different colors and different granny square styles. Enjoy!

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