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Kimono Love

I have been wanting a kimono for some time now but just never got around to purchasing one. I was going to crochet one but knew I didn’t have enough time with all the July activities going on.  I told my mom what I wanted and we tracked down a few tutorials to try. I went and spent WAY to much time at Hancock’s drooling over fabric. Once I found the perfect one I set it up on the counter and asked the lady to cut this beautiful fabric. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there. I fell in love with three different ones but the colors on the bottom of this one just caught my attention immediately. I showed it to my mom and we sat down and made the beautiful piece for my 10th Wedding Anniversary date with my handsome husband.
his material was a little difficult to work with as a beginner so I am looking forward to some fall fabrics. I think a cute plaid one or a mustard yellow knit one would be perfect! Done in the right fabric it would be great for around the house or out and about. If you don’t sew check out Bask Designs. She has beautiful items that are drool worthy and handmade!!

Fleur De Lis Graph

I was asked to make a graph for a beanie several weeks ago. I finally was able to get around to testing the graph and it is now for sell in the shop and over on Ravelry. This graph included both the small and large fleur de lis. Please share your pictures on Ravelry orContinue Reading

Mason Jar Cozy DIY

While on vacation we came across some cute mason jar tumblers and several of us just HAD to have one. The only down side to these tumblers is they sweat… a LOT! So Tommie started making a cozy for my mom and I made one for my dad. While playing around I came up withContinue Reading

Pattern Release

After many request for the Superhero patterns, they are ready to be released! If you don’t crochet…we can make one (or more) for you. So excited to release theses and can’t wait to see your work. So don’t forget to share. Thank you for showing an interest in the patterns. Your support is what hasContinue Reading

Granny Square Ring

  Pinterest is full of wonderful ideas and inspiration. I found the blog Kootoyoo through pinterest several months ago and fell in love. She has some beautiful blankets, scarves, a fun watch band, jewlery and I found a beautiful crochet granny square ring. I pulled out the smallest hook I had, 1.30mm and grabbed someContinue Reading

Granny Square Apron

My friend Shelley had seen this granny square apron and asked me to make her one. She picked these beautiful colors out, shades of pink with an aqua blue. It turned out more beautiful than I imagined. If you crochet head on over to the Tangled Happy blog for the pattern. I am looking forwardContinue Reading

Doily Purse

  If you are on pinterest than you may have seen the doily purses floating around. My sister loves purses and from time to time she will give me her hand-me-downs. I found this little mustard yellow purse she had given me and decided it would be super cute with a doily. If you aren’tContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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